Danny Wolfers

The Land Is Entranced With Peace Nightwind Records
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Track Listing

  • A1
    A Tiny Speculative Territory On The Outskirts Of Dulness
  • A2
    Luchtspiegeling Van Het Niets
  • A3
    Twin Mints Encompassed
  • A4
    Sphere Mood, Thelonious Ponderous
  • B1
    Vestige PWM
  • B2
    There Is Landscape Even Without Deeper Meaning
  • B3
    A Map Models A Piece Of The World
  • B4
    The Land Is Entranced With Peace

Album Information

  • NW021
  • 1 x Cassette Album, Limited Edition
  • 2018
  • Netherlands
    • Hinweise
    • Recorded 17 October 2017 at the Lab111 cinema Amsterdam Holland. Performed & art by Danny Wolfers.
  • Mint (M)
  • Mint (M)
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