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We love to buy your records collection, no matter how big it is (okay, let's say up to 80.000). Collectors who have/want to quit their hobby, resigning tradesmen or testamentary executors should preferably contact us via telephone. If there's a catalogue of your collection available, feel free to send it to [email protected] Most of the time we immediately call you back to discuss anything further. We collect records within Germany/EU or assign a forwarding business.

Purchase prices can vary between 3 to 5 euro per record if they are in a good condition and interesting (see below). Ordinary records on the other hand often do generate only 1 euro or less. Markings, cracks or bends on sleeves reduce the purchase price siginficantly. Generally the records and sleeves should be in a very good condition and clean as possible. Exceptions may occur of course. Run down DJ-tools, scratchy jukeboxhits and longstanding closures of discotheques don't count here. ;-) We don't buy pure german schlager, german folk music, humor or light muse/entertainment collections an the like!

Other styles are generally all interesting. Preferentially we buy:

  • All styles of Jazz
  • Progressive-, Kraut-, Punk-, Indie-, Pop- Hard- and other Rock
  • Soul, Funk, HipHop, (Italo)Disco
  • Beat, Rock'n'Roll, R&B
  • Ambient, Electro, Techno, House
  • Folk, Blues, Reggae, Country, World
  • Abstract, Obscure, Unknown
  • LP, 12", singles, 7", boxes, 10"

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